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The Company

VENTRADEX AG, Switzerland, is a technical trading and engineering company founded in 1980. The core business includes trading and engineering with and for industrial valves and related products for shutting off, regulating and controlling media flows in pipelines. We are independent, flexible and have the best connections in the world of fittings and with our customers since more than 40 years.

Policy and Performance

We offer reliable service and performance for specific customer requests. This has been our fundamental, entrepreneurial understanding since our foundation. Our awareness of quality and competence combined with extensive experience in the field of industrial valves is appreciated worldwide.

For our comprehensive range of products, we work trustingly with leading valve manufacturers. Every solution that is required for the handling of liquids, gases and other media can therefore be worked out flexibly and purposefully.

For complete packages ( package deals ), we find suitable products and logistic solutions which correspond with the customers ideas.

Regardless of the value, every request and order is highly valued by us and handled with the same care and professionalism.




Valves are essential parts of technical systems, the effects of which are often underestimated, yet they control entire manufacturing processes by enabling, regulating or blocking the flow of a wide variety of substances at all pressures and temperatures.

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Sightglasses & Mica

A visual inspection cannot be replaced despite the digital measuring technologies and enables the observation and assessment of color, flow rate, viscosity or even contamination of the medium in the pipelines to be monitored.
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Filters & Filtersystems

Filter systems and strainers are used in a pipeline network to keep dirt and foreign objects such as welding spatter, etc. away from penetration into sensitive devices such as pumps, compressors, turbines, etc.
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“Everything flows, nothing stays still.”
(Panta Rhei)

Measuring technology

„If someone separated the art of counting and measuring and weighing from all the other arts, what was left of each (of the others) would be, so to speak, insignificant.“

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Procurement and logistics of used forging presses for accelerated deployment by modernizing all models and any brand.

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District Heating

Our future depends on the decisions we make today. District heating creates a link between local resources and local needs. District heating connects people, connects communities, connects buildings, connects technologies.

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Actuator Technology

Automatic control and remote control of Valves/ fittings is an integral part of process optimization and safety in energy and process engineering applications.

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Our Services

Valves/Fitting service

We ensure maintenance work on Valves and Fittings.

This also includes adjustments, actuators and tests for new and used Valves/Fittings.


Worldwide, longstanding best international connections and experienced employees guarantee flawless and reliable deliveries.

Short-term availability

Central and decentralized warehouses allow fast delivery of standard - industrial Valves and accessories, etc. Gate, Globe und Check, Butterfly valves, Ball valves, Glass level gauges and flow indicators, spare parts, from case to case also package deals

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