Steam Traps


Removing condensate from steam lines is essential for proper heat transfer and to avoid water hammer..

  • PSup to 100 bar
  • DN15 - 80 1/2" - 3"
  • T (°C)0 - + 400
  • Design:Float traps or Bucket traps
  • Materials:Steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, special materials
  • Connections:Flanges, welding ends, welding sockets, threaded connection, special connections
  • PressureUntil PN 100 / ANSI class 600 lbs/inch

In a steam line system, steam traps are indispensable for two reasons:
1.) Eliminate steam condensate.
2. Remove air and other non-condensable gases from the line.

Condensate Removal Removing condensate from steam lines is essential for proper heat transfer and water hammer prevention. Removing air and non-condensable gases It is important to remove air or non-condensable gases from the steam system to prevent adverse effects on the heat transfer function. Non-condensable gases can dissolve in the condensate, causing acids and corroding piping systems.

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