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The BORSIG Desuperheater has the advantage over other products that the valve works with a 90 ° rotary motion instead of a lifting movement. Due to the rotational movement, the valve can be operated reliably even at very high differential pressures (superheated steam to cooling water). Another advantage is the structural design without a separate nozzle head, whereby the possibility of loosening the nozzle head and thereby resulting damage in the overall system are excluded.

  • PNBis 420 Bar
  • ANSIBis #2500
  • DN25- 250 1/2" - 10"
  • T (°C)up to + 630°C
  • Nozzles6-21
  • Control Ratio1:50
  • Design:Rotary - Principle
  • Materials:1.0460/A105, 1.7383/A182 F22, 1.4903/A182 F91, 1.4923 ,1.4301/A304, 1.4541,1/A321, 1.4057/A431, 1.4122
  • Connections:Flanged, Buttweldends
  • Sealing technologieMetal to Metal
  • Manufacturer:BORSIG

Vapor conditioning Valves is an indispensable part of modern power plants and boiler systems. The BORSIG desuperheater guarantee effective steam cooling with minimum evaporation distances and therefore contribute significantly to the overall efficiency of the system. They cool superheated steam by injecting cooling water centrally in the steam flow. An integrated ball valve system guarantees 100% leakproofness to the outside, thus preventing accumulation of water in the pipe system and thus preventing the wear of steam turbine blades. The regulation of the cooling water takes place via a unique rotational movement, whereby an optimal injection takes place in each load range.

Special features
– Shut-off function thanks to integrated ball valve system
– Multi-stage feed water pressure reduction
– Linear, equal percentage and individual control characteristics
– Low pack wear due to rotary motion
– Simple replacement of spare parts due to modular design
– One-piece forged housing for maximum mechanical integrity
– No welded connections to pressure-bearing parts
– No additional control valve required
– Customized control curve

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