Globe Valves

Globe Valves Medium Pressure

Efficient vertical linear movement to shut off, when using a control cone also suitable for regulating a media flow in a pipe system.

  • PN63-160
  • ANSI600-900
  • DN15-400 1/2"-16"
  • T(°C)-265 bis +550
  • DesignsShut-off cone, throttle cone, bellows , change-over / 3-way valve, Aingle valve, Lift check valve, Below sealed, Protected Below, Exposed flushed Bellows
  • Materials:Steel, Stainless steel, alloy steel, special materials
  • Connections:Flanges, weld ends, Socket welding , threaded connection, Specials
  • BonnetBolted, welded, Pressure sealed, Bonnetless design
  • SupplierPROVALVE

The wide range of nominal diameters offered enables these Valves to be used for various applications, not just only in power plants and in the chemical process industry. The shut-off valves are suitable for shutting off water, water vapor, air and other neutral liquids and gases which are compatible with the housing materials of the valve and the internal parts.

The valves can be installed in any position, but it must be ensured that the operator has enough space to operate the handwheel.

Some areas of application are. – Cooling water systems where the medium flow should be regulated. – Flammable media where the medium is to be regulated and tightness places the highest demands. – Venting and emptying when tightness and security are essential. – Feed water and chemical dosing, condensers, cooling air extraction and emptying systems in general. – Boiler venting and draining, main steam line venting draining and heat dissipation – Turbines – Sealing and drainage systems – Steam turbine lubrication systems and others.

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